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 Allocation of Business of the Ministry of Public Administration (MOPA) as per the Rules of Business, 1996 the responsibilities are the following:
 1. Formulation of policy on regulation of services and determination of their terms and conditions (policy on method of recruitment, age limit, qualification, reservation of posts for certain areas and sex, medical fitness, examinations, appointment, posting, transfer, deputation, leave, travel, seniority, promotion, selection, supersession, retirement, superannuation, re-employment, appointment on contract, conditions of pensions, determination of status, etc.)
 2. Securing to all government servants the rights and privileges conferred on them by or under the Constitution or any other law in force.
 3. Interpretation of rules and orders on service conditions relating to matters allocated to this Ministry.
 4. Policy regarding employment of non-nationals in the service of the Republic and regulation of employment of foreigners in jobs in Bangladeshi enterprises.
 5. Honorary appointment of persons to civil posts.
 6. Policy regarding classification of services and posts and determining their status.
 7. Determination of status of officers including status when posted to Bangladesh embassies, or missions other than officers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, grant of ex-officio Secretariat status to non-Secretariat posts.
 8. All matters regarding absorption/employment of surplus public servants.
 9. All matters relating to formulation of policies, composition of Cadre Services and advising other Ministries and Divisions on proper management of Cadre Services under their control.
10. Policy regarding recruitment of staff (Head Assistants, Assistants, Stenographers, Steno-typists and M.L.S.S.) in the Secretariat and all matters relating thereto including their duties and responsibilities.
11. First appointment to any post belonging to any regularly constituted cadre service.
    (a) Administration of B.C.S. (Administration).
    (b) First appointment and administration of:
        1. Lawyer Magistrates.
        2. Temporary magistrates and granting Magisterial powers to other officers.
        3. All other officers and staff of this Ministry.
    (c) Grant of magisterial powers to other officers.
12. Appointment and transfer of officers in Upazilas, Districts and Divisions.
13. All matters relating to Recruitment Rules for all services and posts under the Republic.
14. Nomination of government servants to work as experts/consultants in projects and jobs at home and abroad.
15. Nomination of government servants in jobs in UN system and into its various agencies as national representative.
16. Administrative research, management and reforms for better and economic execution of government business.
17. Review and revision of the tables of Organogram and Equipment of public offices.
18. Review of organisations, functions, methods and procedures of Ministries, Divisions, Departments, attached offices and subordinate offices.
19. Simplifications of systems, procedures and forms.
20. Secretariat Instructions.
21. Periodic inspection and review of staff position in Ministries, Divisions, and attached and subordinate offices for optimum utilisation of manpower.
22. Appointment of Chairman and Managing Director who work as members of the Board of Directors or Governors of Managing Boards by whatever name they are called, of the Corporations, Boards Authorities. Statutory Bodies etc. excepting Universities, Higher and Secondary Education Boards, Banks and Financing Institutions.
23. Fixation of terms and conditions of all deputationists.
24. Deputation of all officers under administrative control of this Ministry.
25. Appointment of all officers in the Secretariat at MNS 1 to 9 and their interministerial transfer.
26. Appointment and transfer of Private Secretary and Assistant Private Secretary to Members of the Cabinet, other Ministers and Advisors.
27. All matters relating to Attached and Subordinate Offices and Advisory Bodies of this Ministry, are: (1) BPATC. (2) BCS (Administration) Academy, (3) Department of Printing and Stationery, (4) Government Employees Welfare Department, (5) Directorate of Government Transport,  (6) Divisional Commissioners’ Offices and (7) Deputy Commissioners’ Offices.
28. Policy regarding discipline, procedure and enquiry, appeal and review and all references thereto.
29. Policy regarding ACR, its countersignature, preservation, representation on adverse comments, its use and all reference thereto.
30. Policy regarding conduct of the public servants and all references thereto.
31. Policy regarding use and sale of stationery items and supply to Ministries, Divisions and Attached and Subordinate Offices.
32. Policy on determination of office-hours and declaration of public holidays.
33. All matters relating to the welfare of government employees, administration and management of welfare services such as community centres, staff-bus facilities, etc.
34. All matters relating to administration and management of Government and Autonomous Bodies; Benevolent and Group Insurance Funds and Welfare Grant.
35. Policy regarding the official and residential telephones entitlement and matters related thereto regarding government, autonomous and semi-autonomous bodies and corporations.  
36. Policy regarding liveries and matters related thereto.
37. Policy regarding use, repair and disposal of government transport.
38. Sanction of pension and other retirement benefits to the officers and staff under the administrative control of this Ministry.
39. Formulation of Departmental Examination Rules.
40. Preparation and maintenance of History of Services, Civil List and list of up-to-date posting of officers (AD List).
41. Policy on composition and functions of Departmental Promotion Committees and Superior Selection Boards.
42. Career development of government servants and matters related thereto.
43. All matters relating to representation of the government servants.
44. All matters relating to service associations.
45. Reimbursement of legal expenses incurred by government servants.
46. Compilation of data/statistics relating to civil employees for use by the government for manpower planning.
47. Maintenance of Secretariat Record Room Library.
48. Use of Bangla language in official work.
49. Budget of the Ministry of Finance and its control.
50. Policy on training of government servants in Bangladesh and abroad.
51. Liaison with International organisations and matters relating to treaties and agreements with other countries and world bodies relating to subjects allotted to this Ministry.
52. Collection of all information and data regarding subjects allocated to this Ministry.
53. All laws on subjects allotted to this Ministry.
54. Fees in respect of any of the subjects allotted to this Ministry except fees taken in courts.

Matters relating to Bangladesh Public Service Commission Secretariat:
 1. Rendering assistance to the Bangladesh Public Service Commission in discharging its functions under the Constitution and other laws.
 2. Regulation and control of officers and staff of the Bangladesh Public Service Commission Secretariat and its zonal or regional Public Administrations.
 3. All laws on subjects allotted to this Secretariat.
 4. Inquiries and statistics on any of the subjects allotted to this Secretariat.
 5. Fees in respect of any of the subjects allotted to this Secretariat except fees taken in courts.


Cases to be referred to MOPA for consultations as per Rules of Business

Rule 12: Consultation with Ministry of Public Administration. - No Ministry shall issue or authorize any orders, other than orders, in pursuance of any general or special delegation made by the Ministry of Public Administration, which involves: -
     (i) Reorganization of a Ministry/Division or an Attached Department involving creation or abolition
         of any post or a change in the status of an Attached Department;
    (ii) Reorganization of a working unit in a Ministry/Division otherwise than as a section;
   (iii) Creation and reorganization of an Attached Department;
   (iv) Initial appointment to all posts of NPS-IX and above in the Ministries/Divisions which are
         outside the purview of the Bangladesh Public Service Commission;
    (v) a change in the terms and conditions of service of officers of all services other than defence
         and of ministerial servants in the Ministries/Divisions and Attached Departments subject to
         modification as may be made by the Government in the structure of services from time to time;
    (vi) Posting of Non-Secretariat officers in the Ministries/Divisions or Attached Departments
   (vii) Expenditure proposals relating to the Ministry of Finance;
  (viii) The interpretation of rules and orders made by the Ministry of Public Administration;
   (ix) Transfer of personnel of Development Project to Revenue setup after the project is


Rules for recruitment to any post or service including the question of removing a post or service from the purview of the Bangladesh Public Service Commission for the purpose of recruitment. 


SCHEDULE-II of Rules Of Business

[Rule 5(ii)]

List of officers authorized to make and execute orders and other instruments in the name of the President 


(1) Secretary, Additional Secretary, Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Senior Assistant Secretary, Assistant Secretary to the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh or an officer who is granted one of these ranks ex-officio, Director-General, Director, Prime Minister's Office/Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Director-General/Director/Deputy Director/Assistant Director/ Research Officer, IMED, Chief, Joint Chief, Deputy Chief, Assistant Chief, Research Office of the Planning Commission or Ministry/Division.
(2) In respect of the matters within their jurisdiction:
    (a) Director-General or Additional Director-General, Bangladesh Post Office Department
         and Chairman or Member or Chief Engineer, Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board.
    (b) Other Officers of Agencies/Departments of the Government as may be notified by the
         Government from time to time.
(3) Ministry Secretary to the President or Deputy Secretary or Senior Assistant Secretary or Assistant  Secretary in the President's Office.
(4) Any other officer authorized as such by the respective Ministry after due consultation with the Cabinet Division. 

SCHEDULE-IV of Rules Of Business

 List of cases to be submitted to the Prime Minister and the President  


1. Appointment and resignation of Chairman and Members of the Bangladesh Public Service Commission. 138(1), 139(3)
2. Conditions of services of Chairman and Members of Bangladesh Public Service Commission until Parliament by law makes provision for the same. 138(2)
3. Removal of Chairman and Members of the Bangladesh Public Service Commission. 139(2) & 96(2)
4. Proposals not to accept any recommendation of the Bangladesh Public Service Commission on matters in respect of which the commission was consulted as required under Article 140(2) of the Constitution.
5. Subject to provisions of any law/regulation reference to the Bangladesh Public Service Commission for advice on any matter on which the commission is required to be consulted under Article 140(2).
6. Annual report and memorandum on the performance and functions of the Bangladesh Public Service Commission.  141
7. First appointment to any post belonging to any regularly constituted cadre service.
8. First appointment to any service or post which under the recruitment rules are required to be submitted for approval of the President.
9. Cased of dismissal, removal, compulsory retirement, reduction in rank of officers of whom the President is the appointing authority.
10. Making of rules regulating appointments and conditions of service of persons in the service of the Republic until such appointments are regulated by law of the Parliament. 133
11. To dispense with opportunity of showing case to persons holding civil posts in the service of the Republic against dismissal, removal or reduction of the rank in the interest of the security of the State. 135(2)(iii)

SCHEDULE-V of Rules Of Business [Rule 8]


List of cases to be submitted to the Prime Minister 
1. Appointment resignation and removal of Chairmen and Members of any Non-statutory Commissions.
2. Framing of rules on pay, allowances, privileges of members of Non-statutory Commissions.
3. Nomination of Bangladesh citizens to important posts on executive and other organs of international bodies such as the International monetary Fund, the World Bank, etc.
4. Secretariat appointments of the ranks of Deputy Secretary to Secretary.
5. Transfer and posting of and above the rank of Joint Secretary in the Secretariat.
6. Appointments of Chairman and Members of the Land Appeal Board and Land Reforms Board.
7. Appointment to the post of Chairman/Managing Director of Statutory Bodies, other than the Chairman/Managing Director of Financial Institution and Chairmen of Education Boards.
8. Appointment, transfer and posting of Divisional Commissioners, Addl. Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners.

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